What the Earth will look like if all the ice melts

A short video shows what the Earth might look like if all the permanent ice on it melts.

NASA experts have shown that the level of the oceans is growing faster than expected, and most likely, in the coming decades, it will rise by at least 90 centimetres. If this trend continues, due to global warming, in the future the Earth may be left without permanent ice, theoretically (of course, this will not happen in the near future: it will probably take at least 5,000 years for all permanent ice on Earth to melt). What happens if all the ice melts?

A short video produced by Business Insider shows a map of the continents in such a future. At first glance, it may seem that the Earth will not look completely different (despite the fact that, of course, cities like Venice will be covered with water quite quickly), but then, when approaching Asia, the scale of the disaster becomes clear: such huge cities as Calcutta and Shanghai (with a combined population of nearly 19 million) are depicted as disappearing underwater.